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Yes, ekphrasis ( the curators know what this means and you don’t) was a big hit in terms of over 400 people, cool music and the joining of writers with artists in the dead doldrums of a harsh, cold winter. Although many of us spent the evening being shusshed in the adjoining room where some slightly inebriated artists seemed to be enjoying themselves a little too noisily. Ok. The readings went on for an hour and a half. Ok? This is a long time for all the art folks with the collective attention span of a gnat. But curator Pamela Hart did put together a cool group of writers and poets.

One of the most popular attractions in the project space seemed to be Otmar Hoerl’s sponti or dwarves or maybe correctly gnomes. The five happy little faces bum rush the viewer with joy until you realize the lime green rascals are flipping you off. In Europe Mr. Hoerl’s multiples fill stadiums with green rabbits, black and white ravens, and that weird German standing bear mascot guy in flaming red. Some dealers sniff, calling him a promoter not a true artiste. Today, there seems to be no difference. Indeed. Look at Gagosian’s toy store on the corner of 77 and Madison just chock a block with Warhol skateboard decks, unending Damien Hirst sparkly skulls, the usual Jeff Koons Lamston’s type kitsch, Tom Saks bic lighters etc… It’s all ok now as everyone can be an art collector. But I personally think Hoerls stuffing the streets of Strasborg with dwarves exhibiting the Hitler gesture was a little over the top. But it did bring him tremendous press.

In the ekphrasis show no one seemed to mind that the Christo was not a Christo. The real McCoy was not shipped because his wife Jean-Claude died, all his work supposedly shot up in value and the dealer wanted to hang onto it. So it was a fake! Yes, uncovered by Artworld Confidential. It seems that a Ridgefield High School art student was hired to copy the “Wrapped Chair” pastel and copy it she did, very well. Lots of wine and beer smoothed over any exhibition vetting issues over this and the “Rodin” which must have been drawn by Auguste Rodin’s half wit nephew as this piece is certainly not slowed down by one wit of draughting skill. Nice frame though.

Brett’s band, Burnkit 2000 dressed in Devo style industrial jumpsuits, was great. The amazing, spacey ambient music made from gaming product noise filled the space with delightful sounds rippling off the 1922 cement walls and huge I beamed ceilings. To top the evening off in walked Frank Serpico! Not Al Pacino from the movie Serpico, but the real New York Hero himself.

But hurry don’t be left out. There are a only few posters, like maybe around 500, now available for your limited purchase.

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