“Let me know if you need anything”

Let me know if you need anything!” “Oh I will…” I said, muttering dammit! as I walked away. Every time I’m bored and looking in a store, these people always find a way to bug me. Can’t I just look and maybe buy something down the line? I’m not ready for a commitment yet.  And if you think being in shoe store is bad, just wait until you go into a gallery, or even worse, an art opening.

These gallerists won’t even ask you if you need help, but instead will offer their ten-minute interpretation of the piece you were thinking of buying. Before it can even be on your wall you’re already sick of the piece. This goes without mentioning the other snobs looking at pieces, or the smelly cheese and uptight receptionists. 

That’s why at Lift Trucks we are trying a new experiment called The Drive By Gallery. It’s a simple focus on art, where you drive (or walk) by to view the art, and don’t have to deal with anything else. It offers the ultimate convenience that we’ve had when ordering burgers and tacos (or liquor if you’re from Wyoming) for decades, but instead allows you to experience great pieces of art.