Hello Handsome Big Artist with Large Nice Works

(Actual corespondance from serial artworld scammer.) 
Subject: Big Painted sculpture, 94″ x 106″, 2014

Hello There Lift Trucks,
         My name is Jackson Greene from Las Vegas. I actually
observed my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and i
guess she likes your piece of work. I’m also impressed and amazed to
have seen your various works too,  You are doing a great job. I would
like to purchase one of your Artwork Big Painted Sculpture 94″ by 106″, 2014 as a
surprise to my wife on our anniversary. Also, i Will appreciate if you
can give me the price quotes of any available works of yours ready for
immediate sale,and let me know if you accept check as mode of Payment.
Thanks and best regards
Hello Lift Trucks,

         Thanks for the message, however, I would greatly appreciate if you could possibly recommend a few completed Original Paintings within my budget $15000- $25,000 ready for immediate sale… Just  need something within that price range for a surprise to my wife (can tell she likes your work). I would appreciate if you can figure out a piece of work that would serve that purpose. Kindly email images and prices of any available works in that range.
Many Thanks
Jackson Greene.

Subject: Re: GET BACK TO ME

Reply-To: jackson greene

Dear Lift Trucks,

    Thanks for the message, i will buy the Big Nice Work…  I must tell you I intend to give my wife a surprise with the immediate purchase of the piece. Also If you’d like to know, I’m relocating to Canada soon and our wedding anniversary is fast approaching. So I’m trying to gather some good stuff to make this event a surprise one. I am buying yours as part of gifts to her (quickly before someone else grabs it). I am okay with the Price i think it worth it anyways. I’ll be sending a check. As regarding shipping, you don’t have to worry about that in order not to leave any clue to my wife for the surprise. as soon as you receive and cash the check, my shipping agent (who is also moving my personal effect) will contact you to arrange for the pick-up. I would have come to purchase the piece myself but, at the moment, am on training voyage to the North Atlantic Ocean (I’m an ocean engineer) with new hires who are fresh from graduate school and won’t be back for another couple of weeks.


Jackson Greene.

PS: In the mean time, kindly get back to me with Your Full Names( As you want it to appear on the payment) House Address ( Where you want the payment delivered by a Courier Service) I will want the House Address in full state,city and zipcode. (Not a P.O Box) Your Telephone Number(s)(For Constant Communication), so I can get the check prepared and have it mailed out to you right away. 

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