True or False

This is from the book  “Pierced hearts and True Love.  A Century of Drawing for Tattoos” The Drawing Center, 1995. They label it as “Unidentified tattooer, c. 1950” A most excellent book.

There are lots of 3d tattooed arms supposed to be old and supposed to have been employed in tattoo shops.

Here’s a pair that sold on eBay. 

We have seen these pop up at local swap meets for about $200. That’s okey as maybe a decoration for those stupid “man caves.” Rooms which, like a New Year’s Eve party, reek of false promise.  

Here’s an arm sign currently on eBay. The lady looks sceptical but the listing swears it is genuine.

Can’t tell from the photos but as one collector said ” After looking  again, something about the paint doesn’t look right.  It has that distressed painting technique look. That’s a red flag.” 

You be the judge. For us there is nothing more dispiriting than, down the road, realizing your item is a phony.  


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