Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition Gauguin: Metamorphoses, shows Gauguin’s rare prints and how he developed them into his more famous paintings. Displayed were variations of his prints and sculptures. Gauguin frequently worked with other materials not just paint such as woodcarving, ceramics, monotypes and many more. The show presented his wooden sculptures, which he created while in Tahiti. These carved sculptures look very similar to African totems.


Gauguin used a range of mediums and techniques to create his pieces. His pieces capture a lot of movement also he embraced the finely textured surfaces, unintentional markings and use a lot of different colors in his paintings.  Gauguin created a dark and dreamy image of the South Pacific, where he spent the final 12 years of his life. A lot of his art was inspired by the environment and society. 


His art holds up well. For many artists today, Gauguin’s techniques inspire us to try his way of exaggerating and emphasizing color for dramatic effect.

March 8- June 8 2014 Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition Gauguin: Metamorphoses (

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