The Girl with the Dead Man’s Tattoo

Scottish artist Jessica Harrison has her own exhibition  FLASH.  Harrison uses porcelain figurines that represent 19th century women. Interestingly enough women during that time who were considered ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ often had these intense tattoos. Later on women in carnivals began to get them and the social value and tradition of women getting tattooed decreased significantly. It became something ‘cheap and gaudy’. Until today, of course.


These were sculpted by Harrison to display classic tattoos painted on to these stylish ladies. The tattoos resemble (represent) sailor style tattoos covering the women’s chests, arms and necks. Some are displayed with funky furniture and surroundings in the gallery. Some of the tattoos consist of clipper ships, swallows, skulls, hearts and many more classic tattoo imagery. In context, many of the designs almost can seem to be borderline gruesome. That’s just a reflection of the classic sailor and carnival style. The artist’s skill in juxtaposing these onto the elegant forms is remarkable. The results look just great!

The show began May 15 and continues through June 24, 2014. Galerie L.J. In Paris, France.

This particular back piece depicts a skull and the playing cards, aces and eights, that  “Wild’ Bill” Hickock was holding when he was shot in the back of the head at a saloon card table.

Wikipedia: Dead Man’s Hand 

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