Dispatch from Crutch.

” Screwed ,Blued, and Tattooed “…which normally in sailor tongue meant you had done it all in that Port of Call…and at this joint you certainly could make that statement a reality….in my day ladies mostly imports from Argentina ….a wild wooley place….

i was there twice 69 and 73 …it was fun haha ….what i remember  that is;   …. the girls in 60s were all wearing hotpants and kneehigh boots like gogo girls….which brings to mind the old Flying Dutchman in Charleston S C …with girls swinging in cages suspended from the ceiling….i was ther too on board my sub…. a young officer wanted to get laid never done it before got me to take him to the joint ,he was an ensign not suppose to fraternize with enlisted, very worried about getting caught…inside was wood floors ,old building, with rooms topside deck like old style western saloon….very dark  inside we were near the corner of long bar at a table and once our eyes adjusted looked over at bar and there was the “Sea Leopard” himself   capt of the sub sea leopard drinking alone in his big pilot coat  it was in winter and cold as heck..he never said a word we were off grenadier…same squadron…..john the ensign came down smiling …said crutch you would have been proud of me..i said why, ensign said she wouldn`t take her shirt off… so neither would i …true story…i died laughing…still smile when i think of it

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