Trader Vics’ legacy.

Here sits the polished skull of my vanquished enemy says one Chief Executive Officer. Where the disagreeable end up. What’s that you were saying? As he reaches across the desk for a sharpened #2 pencil from the bone white skull. Now, are we being part of the solution or part of the problem?

These Tiki Mugs held wildly intoxicating rum drinks like Navy Grog and Scorpions. Many heralded from that old rum house, Trader Vic’s. Be there but one good reason Not to vote for Trump, it would be that evil Ivana Trump. She dispensed with the Trader Vic’s at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. It resided for years on 59th Street while she and The Donald were busy plundering trophy properties all over New York City.

Just keep Ol’ Dry Bones out to set the proper tone. Ponder ye, the fate of the last quarrelsome soul to trod the well-worn Persian rug leading to this Captains well oiled desk!


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