James Litaker

James Litaker graduated the School of Visual Arts, studied the Masters in Amsterdam and brought his drawing talent and renaissance eye back to the sights and sounds of Harlem and Greenwich Village.  Although still in love with the daily wonders and diversity of N.Y.C   James Litaker now resides and creates in Upstate N.Y.

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5 thoughts on “James Litaker

  • Wonderful to see James Litaker’s work. I would enjoy knowing a little more about the pieces.

  • I’ve always loved Mr. Litaker’s work and have always encouraged him to share it. So this is great to see. His work has kind of a civil war, from the south, Harlem NYC, Apollo Theater feel to it…conveying a certain feel and quality from the heart of a Great African American Artist. He’s had other great work and I hope that it could all be posted here…he’s a struggling artist as well as a hard worker otherwise, and single father, so that his soul and feel of art reflects a mix of the look of the time (looking) pieces as well as his own struggles to put forth what is flowing from within him on to the canvas. It is as if the past reverberates in his heart and mind and then reflects the imprint on the canvases he’s working on. James, thank you for letting me know that your work if finally being seen and presented to a wider audience here on Lift Truck Project, with a potential to be seen worldwide. Excellent.

  • More than FABULOUS! Such a great talent Jame is, and even more of a pleasure to meet him & know him in person! He is very devoted to his art, and puts his ‘all’ into everything he does. Thank you for showing his fine works here and for allowing the world to see it here on the web!

  • James is a gifted artist. I”m fortunate to have his Bass Reeves painting grace my living room.

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