Exhibiting Artists:

Toby Rosser says he’s not interested in rendering or illustrating specific images but rather engrossed in the improvisational drawing, with paint, in reaction to what already exists on a surface.

Desktop computers and printers can easily produce digital imagery solving the problem of having to render any narrative or illustrative elements. Images on paper from a desktop printer function as a structural foundation of the picture and very often are completely negated giving way to a more cathartic process of painting. This process produces imagery of a more primitive or abstract nature.

When pasted onto stretched canvas, or any supportive surface, the paper printouts produce a type of neglected billboard to paint on. Rosser says he doesn’t consciously choose imagery for any subjective, editorial or symbolic aspects, but for qualities such as structure, shape, basic form or color. They are applied to the canvas individually or collaged with other images.

The process allows Rosser to draw with paint on top of this imagery responding to it with grid type line work. The computer-generated imagery becomes subtler, but is still a variable of the work. There are no pre-determined themes or subjects in these paintings. These paintings are named after various cities around the world when they are completed.

These steel multiples are created as 2 dimensional designs on a computer. The designs are then cut out of cold rolled steel with a computer driven plasma cutter and tack welded to a steel base. The individual multiples are then arranged in various patterns depending on the configuration of the available space.

The Run Man Multiples are available for sale individualy or as a complete configuration.

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Toby Rosser