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Jodi Moise, Curator The Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection
Olivia Davis, Project Manager and Assistant Curator, The Montefiore Fine Art Program
David Beach, Associate Professor of Architecture, Drury University
Alaa AlRadwan, Architect and Co-Founder, ToGo Creations
Jessica Snyder, Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center and Co-Founder, ToGo Creations
Patrick Denny, Media Specialist
Thomas Mcmanus, Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology
Joel Werring, Chair, Fine Arts Department, Fashion Institute of Technology
James Pearce, Technology Head, Fashion Institute of Technology
Joseph Irizarry, Stephanie Held, Pilot Internship Program, Fashion Institute of Technology
Tom Christopher, Painter

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The New York Times – A Quirky Marriage of Art and Text

By BENJAMIN GENOCCHIO Right by the train station in Croton Falls is an old factory______  that once serviced forklifts and trucks. Today it houses artists’ studios and an exhibition space — not so much a gallery as a place where artists and independent curators can put up temporary exhibits. It is called Lift Trucks Project. […]

The Ekfrasis Exhibit

“Do something,” Jasper Johns admonished artists. Take a dream or a flag or a color and “do something to that,” Johns said, again and again. So artists get ideas from the world around them, from experience and memory. And even from other artists. A visual work of art can inspire a writer, for instance. Using […]


Joe Stefanelli’s paintings resonate with the exploding color, charm and the emotion of the Cedar Bar, where he hung out with Willem DeKooning, Robert Motherwell, and Jackson Pollock.Andy Hammerstein III has a rich heritage, being the great great grandson of the famed Broadway composer Oscar Hammerstein. MORE PHOTOS Joe Stefanelli Joe Stefanelli’s paintings resonate with […]

From a Factory Floor

 By Fran Sikorksi After 30 years of collaborations with well-known artists, master silkscreener Gary Lichtenstein is recognized as one of the most gifted printmakers in the world. He’s also known for his own paintings, which are color-saturated abstracts This spring, he is readying a show that will open at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists in […]

Gary Lichtenstein: Master Screen Printer at Lift Trucks Project

Silk Screen Prints Reopen a Heavy-Equipment Factory, By SUSAN HODARA, New York times Visitors to the exhibition” From a Factory Floor: Screen Print Collaborations by Master Printermaker Gary Linchtenstein” the inaugural show at the new Lift  Trucks Project, might be hard-pressed to imagine the place filled with 8,000-pound forklifts. Comprising three artists’ studios and a large exhibition […]