Stork Club Secrets

  My landlord, Mr. Ed, was 99 years old.  As far as anyone could tell, he subsisted entirely on cherry red LifeSavers. Most would fall between his armchair, which smelled like a dumpster, and his khakis where they would adhere in a row of sticky red globs. Children and some unkind adults would point fingers Read more about Stork Club Secrets[…]

The Irritable Shoeshine Man

  The most interesting part of a shoe-shine box isn’t the actual box, but the wild story that is behind it. Shoe shiners where a diverse group, but they always had one thing in common; a crazy attitude that was needed to be a shiner. Take for example this 1920’s piece. At a first glance, Read more about The Irritable Shoeshine Man[…]