Treasure Hunt

Are antique shows dead? Not if Frank Gaglio has anything to say about them. A respected dealer and promoter for over 30 years he created BarnStar Productions. He has his work cut out for him. If you haven’t been out to an antique show lately, you might be in for a shock. Long lines are Read more about Treasure Hunt[…]

No Tattoo Flash at WAS

Are you a man (or woman) of wealth and taste? If so, the Winter Antiques Show at the 67th Armory is a nice place to go.  Highbrow. Not rat rod, hot rod, industrial artifacts, lowbrow, carnival or 60’s underground items here.  Asking about tattoo art would surely get you whisked away by security and sidewalked. Read more about No Tattoo Flash at WAS[…]

Fake, We Cry!

A reader sent us this e-Bay listing,, asking our opinion. Just like on the popular tv shows! It looks like an itinerant tattoo artist case. These are rare and quite beautiful. Let’s look at this one. The box is indeed quite old. The dry white paint is great, the wood, clasp and hinges are Read more about Fake, We Cry![…]

My Idea of Fun: 2014 March Pier Show

Great show with lots of interesting stuff in a walk about giant time capsule. The promoters, U.S. Antiques Shows, have hosted an excellent revival of mostly the 1960’s era artifacts. Great escape from the stressed and crumbling world outside. The Good: One stand was completely filled with lighters of all shapes like military tanks, cameras, baseballs, Read more about My Idea of Fun: 2014 March Pier Show[…]

Stork Club Secrets

  My landlord, Mr. Ed, was 99 years old.  As far as anyone could tell, he subsisted entirely on cherry red LifeSavers. Most would fall between his armchair, which smelled like a dumpster, and his khakis where they would adhere in a row of sticky red globs. Children and some unkind adults would point fingers Read more about Stork Club Secrets[…]

The mystery box

Many of our items at lift trucks have an interesting story to tell, whether it is a “Jesus Saves” sign from a glue-sniffer in a flophouse (See it here), or a shoebox with multiple price listings (See it here) . However, one item we have still remains a complete mystery. This teller box dates to Read more about The mystery box[…]

Smoke? Don’t mind if I do.

Thick glass with graceful slopes and sharp turns…shiny steel with more curves than J-Lo milled to perfection…”Home of more JACKPOTS, Nugget Reno !”…wait what?! No this isn’t another boring piece of car writing, here at Lift Trucks we focus on something a lot more artistic; ash trays. They might not produce the same muster as Read more about Smoke? Don’t mind if I do.[…]