Continued: Fischl vs Neiman

Bull fight pics                  

 Eric Fischl (left)   &   Leroy Nieman (right)

Lift Trucks:  You mentioned earlier about “Had to and Has to” regarding painting. I hear you. But I think a lot of great work comes out of the second category. Somebody or some reason making you produce some art can really shove the process up a notch-stunning example is the Sistine Chapel. Many times being forced can bring out the best. Just always paint as if you are going to be hit by a bus tomorrow, and this, this, is what you are going to leave us with?

Taking Umbridge: Fischl = Neiman

  Comparing Leroy Neiman to Eric Fischl is not fair. We own these two drawings by Mr. Neiman. They are great. He can capture with a simple line an in depth character read of the subject. The one on the right depicts the scene walking into Sardi’s. The goal would be a table  with a Read more about Taking Umbridge: Fischl = Neiman[…]

Eric Fischl, the New Leroy Neiman

After a longer than expected hiatus which involved some rehab time between the fabulous WigWam Inn and Canyon Ranch in sunny Arizona, we are now back with exciting news! A source will talk about goings on in the heart of the arts!  Covert and fearful of the damage the powers that be can wield upon a career, all will be in secret. We all know that critics really are like the baby with ball peen hammer in a Hong Kong gift shop. Our exclusive source will talk with us under the clever moniker  ”Deep Palette”.