Tattoo Show Opens September 18th

Saira Hunjan | Jef Palumbo | Duke Riley | Noon | Nazareno Tubaro | Amanda Wachob | Jacqueline Spoerle | Colin Dale | Scott Campbell | Peter Aurisch | Chuey Quintanar | Horiren First | Alex Binnie | Minka Sicklinger | David Hale | Stephanie Tamez | Virginia Elwood | Yann Black   Bound to Read more about Tattoo Show Opens September 18th[…]

Smith Street Brooklyn Comes to Chelsea

If someone asked me, “What’s your problem?”  I’d have to say “skin.”   Andy Warhol Eighty Eight degrees inside on a sub zero-freezing night outside. Which was good. An abundance of arms necks legs with multicolored designs of dragons skulls clowns snakes pin up girls and geometric patterns floated around the space. Mostly old school Read more about Smith Street Brooklyn Comes to Chelsea[…]

Hawk Rites!

Tom, California seems to be a fish net for just about everything under the sun, from storage facilities full of valuable items for pennies to being filled with street bums with colorful backgrounds like some sort of whacky catch net. Phil Sparrow wound his last days out in California in his book store before his Read more about Hawk Rites![…]