We get questions…

Q. What does the term “flash” mean again?   A.  Comes from the carnival world. It means an attraction, a dazzler, an eyeful designed to catch the “marks” attention as he walks through the state fair, seaport, circus, rodeo or strolls down the carnival midway.   Flash is the bright design, the purple dog on Read more about We get questions…[…]

The Girl with the Dead Man’s Tattoo

Scottish artist Jessica Harrison has her own exhibition  FLASH.  Harrison uses porcelain figurines that represent 19th century women. Interestingly enough women during that time who were considered ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ often had these intense tattoos. Later on women in carnivals began to get them and the social value and tradition of women getting tattooed decreased significantly. It became Read more about The Girl with the Dead Man’s Tattoo[…]

Winning the Fat Lady

Here’s Dotty, the tattoo artist. We have always been fascinated with the smiling big woman in the old photos.  One of her designs depicted a woman with butterfly wings floating as if in liberation.  She also had her day with the classic “Put her ol’ foot through me heart, matey”  tattoo image.  Could this have been in Read more about Winning the Fat Lady[…]

The mystery box

Many of our items at lift trucks have an interesting story to tell, whether it is a “Jesus Saves” sign from a glue-sniffer in a flophouse (See it here), or a shoebox with multiple price listings (See it here) . However, one item we have still remains a complete mystery. This teller box dates to Read more about The mystery box[…]