Smith Street Brooklyn Comes to Chelsea

If someone asked me, “What’s your problem?”  I’d have to say “skin.”   Andy Warhol Eighty Eight degrees inside on a sub zero-freezing night outside. Which was good. An abundance of arms necks legs with multicolored designs of dragons skulls clowns snakes pin up girls and geometric patterns floated around the space. Mostly old school Read more about Smith Street Brooklyn Comes to Chelsea[…]

All Tomorrow’s Parties

We went down to the Bowery or maybe the Lower East Side last week. That’s the area near Orchard, Ethridge, and Chrystie streets. Our old memory of that area is dropping an inebriated drummer named Walter off at Ludlow and Stanton, a crime and drug addled corner.  All changed now. New galleries, restaurants, and a Read more about All Tomorrow’s Parties[…]

Baa Baa Gas Station

We saw a sheep installation at a Chelsea gas station but first we should mention David Ryan’s show at Galerie Richard. It was funny because the gallery typist, who turned out to be the director, started waxing on about how the artists’ work concerned layers of dreams stacked up against other layers of dreams. “Do Read more about Baa Baa Gas Station[…]