Swinging on a Star

Irene Woodward, born 1862, signed and incsribed  “Age 20…”  on this carte de viste. Probably for sale to adoring fans at the circus. That’s if we can believe she was 20 when she signed the the back of the card.  My other job is working in a liquor store so I’ve gotten pretty good at Read more about Swinging on a Star[…]

We get questions…

Q. What does the term “flash” mean again?   A.  Comes from the carnival world. It means an attraction, a dazzler, an eyeful designed to catch the “marks” attention as he walks through the state fair, seaport, circus, rodeo or strolls down the carnival midway.   Flash is the bright design, the purple dog on Read more about We get questions…[…]

Let Us Now Praise Dainty Dotty and All Circus Women

    We love Dainty Dotty and we feel she loved us. Just look at that smile. Through exhaustive research we believe that Dotty was indeed the Fat Lady sitting next to Major Mite in this famous story about the Rubber Man and Mae, the Tattooed Lady. Herewith and paraphrasing Albert Parry’s, 1933 ” Tattoo, Read more about Let Us Now Praise Dainty Dotty and All Circus Women[…]