Tales of the Sea by Crutch

This is the first in a series of recollections and stories by a gentleman named Crutch. He was kind enough to sell us an illustrated man. It looks like it might have been used in the window of a tattoo shop in the 1920’s. It’s a circus carving though. “I am an older fellow. I Read more about Tales of the Sea by Crutch[…]

Ink and Skinner

Record setting price was set at auction for tattooed figure. Hammer price for this two and 1/2 foot tall composition figure was $23,000. Add the 25% buy in commission, tax and other official sounding crap and you’re up around $30,000!  One famous Folk art dealer went as high as $2,500. “Well I guess I did Read more about Ink and Skinner[…]

Let Us Now Praise Dainty Dotty and All Circus Women

    We love Dainty Dotty and we feel she loved us. Just look at that smile. Through exhaustive research we believe that Dotty was indeed the Fat Lady sitting next to Major Mite in this famous story about the Rubber Man and Mae, the Tattooed Lady. Herewith and paraphrasing Albert Parry’s, 1933 ” Tattoo, Read more about Let Us Now Praise Dainty Dotty and All Circus Women[…]

Winning the Fat Lady

Here’s Dotty, the tattoo artist. We have always been fascinated with the smiling big woman in the old photos.  One of her designs depicted a woman with butterfly wings floating as if in liberation.  She also had her day with the classic “Put her ol’ foot through me heart, matey”  tattoo image.  Could this have been in Read more about Winning the Fat Lady[…]

Ankle Deep in Ink

A young woman stands in the parlor of who knows whose Victorian mansion. She is clearly a member of a higher society, dressed like a circus acrobat, clad with gold, jewels, and pearls. As the eye of the gentleman wanders down to her ankle, something unusual appears. Leaves of green on her skin, not worn, Read more about Ankle Deep in Ink[…]