Sailor Jerry Master Draughtsman

These old tattoo guys were good. Try this at home. Copy freehand (no cheating by tracing) a Sailor Jerry dragon. Or anything else by one of the great masters like him. Not so easy. Now, try to get it down on somebody’s back at midnight in tight quarters with a large group of servicemen watching Read more about Sailor Jerry Master Draughtsman[…]

We Wish We Could Draw Like Egon Schiele

We all wish we could draw like Egon Schiele. He could capture anybody. He saw right through a sitter and pulled out the inner character. Sad story though. They should do a movie. David Bowie was going to play him at one time but he waited too long as Schiele died at 28. This show Read more about We Wish We Could Draw Like Egon Schiele[…]