My Day in Court With Lee Marvin

This drawing was done in the courtroom while working on the Marvin vs Marvin “Palimony” case for NBC News.  Michelle Triola Marvin, his girlfriend for 6 years, described earning her keep; at one point she told us of her heroic efforts holding the 6’2″ Lee Marvin by his ankles as he drunkenly flailed upside down Read more about My Day in Court With Lee Marvin[…]

The short happy life of a radio in Elizabeth Taylor’s hands.

About 20 years ago I met Jordan Ramin, who worked inHollywood as a sound engineer for the producer Michael Todd. Mr. Ramin was a close friend of both Michael Todd and his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. He received the Regency radio in the book inscribed with his name as did about 60 members of the cast and crew who worked on “Around the World in Eighty Days”.