Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars

The Morgan Library/9/25/15-1/31/16 By Pamela Hart If you like sentences, which I do, and you’re interested in how one important American writer played with them, creating what a critic called “an esthetic of simplicity,” then head to the Morgan Library & Museum to view Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars. This tightly focused exhibition features notebooks Read more about Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars[…]

A Show About, What













Yes, ekphrasis ( the curators know what this means and you don’t) was a big hit in terms of over 400 people, cool music and the joining of writers with artists in the dead doldrums of a harsh, cold winter. Although many of us spent the evening being shusshed in the adjoining room where some slightly inebriated artists seemed to be enjoying themselves a little too noisily. Ok. The readings went on for an hour and a half. Ok? This is a long time for all the art folks with the collective attention span of a gnat. But curator Pamela Hart did put together a cool group of writers and poets.