The guy’s name is Harry Lawson, right?

  Recently looked at a sheet that was unidentified. It’s early and nicely drawn. We wanted to try and identify the author, if possible. There’s a date; May 20th 1930 written in pencil and erased under the eagle wings of the crossed equator design. Which caused us to look further. Scotty in the Lift Trucks Read more about The guy’s name is Harry Lawson, right?[…]

Eagles, Two Maidens and a Tiger

This article is by Chuck Eldridge at the Tattoo Archives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Reprinted here by his kind permission. Mr. Eldridge is a tattooist, and an acknowledged historian on the subject of tattoo history. If there is anything you want to know about the Tattoo World, Mr. Eldridge is your man. George Burchett Read more about Eagles, Two Maidens and a Tiger[…]

Tattoo Auction

Many of our followers are diehard tattoo aficionados and collectors, and it’s easy to understand why. They know it’s rare to find the good tattoo stuff out in the wild, but we’ve got good news. We’ve gotten reports of an online tattoo auction to be held on the 13th & 14th – 1PM & 6PM Read more about Tattoo Auction[…]

Matisse and Brooklyn Joe

Big colors bouncing around at the Matisse Cut Outs exhibit at MoMA. This exhibit focussed on the paper shapes pinned to the walls of the hotels and studios he lived in France. But what’s this? A mermaid and a parrot? Look at the solid blue shapes on either side of the canvas. Could it be Read more about Matisse and Brooklyn Joe[…]

First Tattoo Pinup Ever?

 Samuel F. O’Reilly  After emigrating from Ireland in 1871, Samuel F. O’Reilly set up his tattoo business in the back of a barber shop at 11 Chatham Square, New York City. This image, showing a woman’s legs was considered quite racy in the late 1800s.  “A lady, when crossing the street, must raise her dress a Read more about First Tattoo Pinup Ever?[…]

Fake, We Cry!

A reader sent us this e-Bay listing,, asking our opinion. Just like on the popular tv shows! It looks like an itinerant tattoo artist case. These are rare and quite beautiful. Let’s look at this one. The box is indeed quite old. The dry white paint is great, the wood, clasp and hinges are Read more about Fake, We Cry![…]

Smith Street Brooklyn Comes to Chelsea

If someone asked me, “What’s your problem?”  I’d have to say “skin.”   Andy Warhol Eighty Eight degrees inside on a sub zero-freezing night outside. Which was good. An abundance of arms necks legs with multicolored designs of dragons skulls clowns snakes pin up girls and geometric patterns floated around the space. Mostly old school Read more about Smith Street Brooklyn Comes to Chelsea[…]