Picasso, the painter who changed sculpture forever

Woman’s Head (Fernande) 1909, Bronze To attend the Picasso Sculpture Exhibit at MoMA is to witness the secret workings of a relentless creative mind. Never schooled in sculpture, he was free to explore its potential, without fear of failure. Coupled with his sense of playfulness and rebellious outlook, he worked in the gap between painting Read more about Picasso, the painter who changed sculpture forever[…]

Paul Rand, Art in Advertising

“Mail order advertisers, as we have said, have pictures down to a science.”  Claude Hopkins As you enter the Paul Rand exhibition, you can’t miss a quote of his in a display case filled with his work. It proclaims, “There is no science in advertising.” Advertising has always wanted to be scientific. Clients want to Read more about Paul Rand, Art in Advertising[…]

Jeff Koons: Jeffie Goes to Hollywood

“Life is too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it.” –Vera, or The Nihilists Frankie Goes to Hollywood(FGTH), is an 80’s British band that had a hit with their single “Relax”. They released a greatest hits album, “Bang! The Greatest Hits Album of Frankie Goes to Hollywood”. It has only one hit on Read more about Jeff Koons: Jeffie Goes to Hollywood[…]