Recently we attended the Molly Barnes Brown Bag Lecture series featuring Ultra-Violet at The Roger Smith Hotel in NYC. Molly was charming as usual, and knows how to lead a crowd (with the exception of introducing someone as the long deceased Charlie Mingus).

For those not “hip” enough to know, UV was a “superstar” and muse for Warhol and Dali back in the day. Beyond her elevated groupy status (Warhol eventually replaced her with a younger girl “Viva”), UV separates herself from the pack with her own recent works. Admittedly, I did not have high hopes for this event. In my mind, it would be like meeting the former Highschool badass, who only has the same old story to tell; “do you remember that one time man? When we had____ and did____?”. Warhol’s famous Factory was a constant party-scene, and one would expect any survivors to be burnt-out and at best confused.