A Bad Hat, a Dumb Rock, and a Western Motel

Here’s three more reasons to visit L.A.  1. Can we finally now get over Norton Simon’s land grab of the Pasadena Art Museum? Fond memories when we were young and first saw the Warhol Brillo Boxes and the Richard Serra cut up redwoods. That was very cool. But then followed by the worst betrayal ever. Read more about A Bad Hat, a Dumb Rock, and a Western Motel[…]

Stork Club Secrets

  My landlord, Mr. Ed, was 99 years old.  As far as anyone could tell, he subsisted entirely on cherry red LifeSavers. Most would fall between his armchair, which smelled like a dumpster, and his khakis where they would adhere in a row of sticky red globs. Children and some unkind adults would point fingers Read more about Stork Club Secrets[…]

Interviews on Art Marketing (Part III)

Maria Anna Alp (Left), Alex Guofeng (Middle), and Paul Grosse (Right)

Our third interviewee in this series on art marketing is Paul Grosse, the director of ALP Galleries (alp-galleries.com)

(Mackey) We are interested in your feelings concerning the balance between art and art marketing. For example, there are artists like Takeshi Murakami and Jeff Koons where marketing and manufacturing play a large part in their careers. And there are artists who follow the Van Gogh model who do nothing but focus on art at the expense of their careers. There seems to be a fine line that is constantly shifting between maintaining an artistic reputation and being known as a sellout.