Smoke? Don’t mind if I do.

Thick glass with graceful slopes and sharp turns…shiny steel with more curves than J-Lo milled to perfection…”Home of more JACKPOTS, Nugget Reno !”…wait what?! No this isn’t another boring piece of car writing, here at Lift Trucks we focus on something a lot more artistic; ash trays. They might not produce the same muster as Read more about Smoke? Don’t mind if I do.[…]

Oscar “Andy” Hammerstein III chats with ART&INDUSTRY…

“A hopeless shill” is how Oscar Hammerstein III — Andy, to his very dear friends at ART&INDUSTRY — most recently described himself to me when he stopped by a few weeks ago. Of course, mid-book tour (“whoring for the man”) Andy might just be a bit weary, but he remains a charming conversationalist with colorful material.

Hanging above our desk is Andy’s painting, “Theoretical Trees 1”: a vivid abstraction with regal trunks in bright Gaugin colors. It seems the palate of Broadway and Times Square has seeped into even Andy’s naturalist subjects. Or maybe that’s just conjecture; an invented trace of the Hammerstein lineage Andy’s wooded canvas. Either way, there is a liveliness in “Theoretical Trees 1” that echos the stage life.

See You Later Pat

Pat O’ Connor Remarks from Dec 11 memorial at the Brooklyn Museum of Art for Pat O’ Connor (on the left). So Modigliani walks into a bar, bartender says; Hey, why the long face? (I promised to tell a joke, that’s the only art joke I know). Pat to a lot of us represented the Read more about See You Later Pat[…]