Getting into an Art Gallery.

As an artist you are also an art salesman. Especially if you are trying to get in a gallery by going to Thursday night openings. If an art opening starts at 7 get there at 7. The owner will be anxiously milling about wondering if anyone will show up and there you are. Dress noticeably well. Look like you walked out of the pages of Vanity Fair magazine. Do not dress in a painter’s uniform of Dr. Marten’s, tee shirt and paint splattered pants. That look is over. Get a nice suit from a thrift store and have it tailored for about $14. If you are female do not show up in clothes you have made yourself. Do not try to look “interesting”. Get a perfume spritz and buy something hot at Bloomingdale’s. Return it the next day.

Compliment the director/owner on their insight and fine choice of art. Even if, and it surely will be, a horrid a pile of dung. Laugh rotundly at any attempt at nervous wit he or she may proffer.

North Salem Daily: Lift Trucks Project Lifts Spirits With Tattoo Art

By Katherine Pacchiana 10/06/11 NORTH SALEM, N.Y. – Tattoo flash art was a 20th century technique, popular at carnivals and amusement parks. Think of “Mom” in a heart or Popeye the Sailor Man. Describing the current exhibit at the Lift Trucks Project, gallery owner Tom Christopher explains that flash art was classical and highly traditional. Favorites Read more about North Salem Daily: Lift Trucks Project Lifts Spirits With Tattoo Art[…]