Bowery Folk Art Sign

The Bowery (where this piece is from), is definitely a place where people could use some good old fashioned salvation from Jesus. Just take a look at our new favorite book, “Flophouse, Life on the Bowery”, a collection of short stories about the people living in skid row, written by David Isay and Stacey Abramson. Read more about Bowery Folk Art Sign[…]

The Irritable Shoeshine Man

  The most interesting part of a shoe-shine box isn’t the actual box, but the wild story that is behind it. Shoe shiners where a diverse group, but they always had one thing in common; a crazy attitude that was needed to be a shiner. Take for example this 1920’s piece. At a first glance, Read more about The Irritable Shoeshine Man[…]

My brief conversation with Rbt. Hughes plus a better story by Ben Genocchio

I got to hang out with Mr. Robert Hughes once. Here is a photo of us practicing irritable looks having a beer at an alternative art space in Westchester. Actually got on and I got to ask him about Andy Warhol to see if his view had softened at all. Mr. Hughes was famous for Read more about My brief conversation with Rbt. Hughes plus a better story by Ben Genocchio[…]

Mayall not Mayer

And yep, we did indeed know it was John Mayall not John Mayer. He’s about 90 now.  Actually born 1933, but still rocking away. Kind of living proof that keeping active, doing something rather than watching tv or glogging on The Facebook all day long might work. Maybe living the creative life keeps you alive Read more about Mayall not Mayer[…]