Stork Club Secrets

  My landlord, Mr. Ed, was 99 years old.  As far as anyone could tell, he subsisted entirely on cherry red LifeSavers. Most would fall between his armchair, which smelled like a dumpster, and his khakis where they would adhere in a row of sticky red globs. Children and some unkind adults would point fingers Read more about Stork Club Secrets[…]

The Epicenter of Un-Expressionism: N 40’45’ by W 73′ 58′

“Content is a glimpse of something, an encounter like a flash. It’s very tiny – very tiny, content.” – Willem de Kooning We love going to MOMA. What we love best is visiting the lonely and neglected paintings. They seem to need company. Particularly, if one is a work of art that completely changed the Read more about The Epicenter of Un-Expressionism: N 40’45’ by W 73′ 58′[…]

Winning the Fat Lady

Here’s Dotty, the tattoo artist. We have always been fascinated with the smiling big woman in the old photos.  One of her designs depicted a woman with butterfly wings floating as if in liberation.  She also had her day with the classic “Put her ol’ foot through me heart, matey”  tattoo image.  Could this have been in Read more about Winning the Fat Lady[…]

Fab Modern Sixties

We felt like we were back in the fab sixties but better!  Wearing our full access backstage passes, we not only knew the band but the light show guy as well. Just how groovy is that?  Downtown Woodstock people were rushing in off the street grabbing each other by their jacket lapels to hear and Read more about Fab Modern Sixties[…]