Ed Smith Rocks

  America’s Tattoo Master, Mr. Samuel F. O’Reilly, trained Ed Smith along with Charles Wagner in the 20’s and 30’s on the Bowery in New York City. Bums, empty bottles and the elevated train ran the streets back then. We have all seen photos of tattooed people but not too many self portraits of the Read more about Ed Smith Rocks[…]

My Day in Court With Lee Marvin

This drawing was done in the courtroom while working on the Marvin vs Marvin “Palimony” case for NBC News.  Michelle Triola Marvin, his girlfriend for 6 years, described earning her keep; at one point she told us of her heroic efforts holding the 6’2″ Lee Marvin by his ankles as he drunkenly flailed upside down Read more about My Day in Court With Lee Marvin[…]

Monsters Mean Business

Just in this cool ” Monsters That Mean Business”, business card! Received by our local postmaster Anthony, who complained “Get this package out of here.” he said. “It’s giving me a headache.” Ed Roth almost single handedly created the Kustom Kulture decade in Southern California. Package from Jax Finkster, Austin TX His star creation was Read more about Monsters Mean Business[…]

My Idea of Fun: 2014 March Pier Show

Great show with lots of interesting stuff in a walk about giant time capsule. The promoters, U.S. Antiques Shows, have hosted an excellent revival of mostly the 1960’s era artifacts. Great escape from the stressed and crumbling world outside. The Good: One stand was completely filled with lighters of all shapes like military tanks, cameras, baseballs, Read more about My Idea of Fun: 2014 March Pier Show[…]