Once owned by Mike Malone, this was possibly Jerry’s last piece. A classic blended with Japanese design elements. We’ve never seen the dragon used this way before, it’s usually a damsel in distress. Wonder what Jerry was saying? Lightning bolts, sky in turmoil, the sea thrashing with sharks. The Dragon’s not giving up in Read more about Jerry[…]

The Girl with the Dead Man’s Tattoo

Scottish artist Jessica Harrison has her own exhibition  FLASH.  Harrison uses porcelain figurines that represent 19th century women. Interestingly enough women during that time who were considered ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ often had these intense tattoos. Later on women in carnivals began to get them and the social value and tradition of women getting tattooed decreased significantly. It became Read more about The Girl with the Dead Man’s Tattoo[…]

Baby Don’t Cry

One dry hot day, in the California High Desert, we looked through table upon table of tattoo flash in the garage of a very neatly kept tract home. The gentleman turned out to be the last man standing at the Nu-Pike in Long Beach. He ended up with flash sheets by Brooklyn Joe Leiber, Chris Read more about Baby Don’t Cry[…]


Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition Gauguin: Metamorphoses, shows Gauguin’s rare prints and how he developed them into his more famous paintings. Displayed were variations of his prints and sculptures. Gauguin frequently worked with other materials not just paint such as woodcarving, ceramics, monotypes and many more. The show presented his wooden sculptures, which he created Read more about Metamorphoses[…]

Let Us Now Praise Dainty Dotty and All Circus Women

    We love Dainty Dotty and we feel she loved us. Just look at that smile. Through exhaustive research we believe that Dotty was indeed the Fat Lady sitting next to Major Mite in this famous story about the Rubber Man and Mae, the Tattooed Lady. Herewith and paraphrasing Albert Parry’s, 1933 ” Tattoo, Read more about Let Us Now Praise Dainty Dotty and All Circus Women[…]