We get questions…

Q. What does the term “flash” mean again?   A.  Comes from the carnival world. It means an attraction, a dazzler, an eyeful designed to catch the “marks” attention as he walks through the state fair, seaport, circus, rodeo or strolls down the carnival midway.   Flash is the bright design, the purple dog on Read more about We get questions…[…]

Captain Jack Howard

Just in to Lift Trucks: A tattooists interpretation of the Italian Renaissance. Note Christ tempted by the babe in the rose (bottom right.) Captain Jack Howard, Barbary Coast, San Francisco, ink and watercolor in heavy paper, 22″ by 29″, c 1920’s. And just for fun, the sheet as a blueprint. The Barbary Coast was a Read more about Captain Jack Howard[…]

True or False

This is from the book  “Pierced hearts and True Love.  A Century of Drawing for Tattoos” The Drawing Center, 1995. They label it as “Unidentified tattooer, c. 1950” A most excellent book. There are lots of 3d tattooed arms supposed to be old and supposed to have been employed in tattoo shops. Here’s a pair Read more about True or False[…]