First Tattoo Pinup Ever?

 Samuel F. O’Reilly  After emigrating from Ireland in 1871, Samuel F. O’Reilly set up his tattoo business in the back of a barber shop at 11 Chatham Square, New York City. This image, showing a woman’s legs was considered quite racy in the late 1800s.  “A lady, when crossing the street, must raise her dress a Read more about First Tattoo Pinup Ever?[…]

No Tattoo Flash at WAS

Are you a man (or woman) of wealth and taste? If so, the Winter Antiques Show at the 67th Armory is a nice place to go.  Highbrow. Not rat rod, hot rod, industrial artifacts, lowbrow, carnival or 60’s underground items here.  Asking about tattoo art would surely get you whisked away by security and sidewalked. Read more about No Tattoo Flash at WAS[…]

We Wish We Could Draw Like Egon Schiele

We all wish we could draw like Egon Schiele. He could capture anybody. He saw right through a sitter and pulled out the inner character. Sad story though. They should do a movie. David Bowie was going to play him at one time but he waited too long as Schiele died at 28. This show Read more about We Wish We Could Draw Like Egon Schiele[…]

Elvis’ TCB buckle for Obama

A great percentage of our art collectors and readers live in Europe. Yesterday a lot of them asked us why President Obama did not want to go to the rally Sunday. Our French gallery director said ” Yesterday many people gathered … It is said that it was the biggest manifestation after Paris liberation in 1945.” Read more about Elvis’ TCB buckle for Obama[…]

Can We Run This Without Packing Iron?

All the mainstream U.S. media are terrified to publish this cartoons. Editors are hiding under their desks at The Associated Press, CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC, NBC News and others . Other media outlets like Gawker, the Daily Beast and BuzzFeed have all published the images.  The Washington Post ran the cartoon on their editorial opinion Read more about Can We Run This Without Packing Iron?[…]