Elaine Sturtevant – Connoisseurship takes a beating

“What is this doing here?” asked my friend. It was Jasper John’s “Target With Plaster Casts” and it was located at the end of a long hallway bordered with Andy Warhol Cow wallpaper. We spent some time admiring it. But something was wrong here. The painting was terribly lit and seemed to be haphazardly thrown Read more about Elaine Sturtevant – Connoisseurship takes a beating[…]

Dragon Breath

Born Yoshihito Nakano, Horiyoshi III (b. 1946) received his current title from the late tebori master Yoshitsugu Muramatsu, also known as Shodai Horiyoshi of Yokohama. Sailor Jerry visited and studied Horiyoshi II’s work in Japan as did Don Hardy. Horiyoshi III started at age 16 and served as Shodai Horiyoshi’s apprentice for ten years. By age twenty-eight Horiyoshi III’s Read more about Dragon Breath[…]

Girls We Like

In this sheet, Coleman’s pin ups evolved from the traumatic shock of seeing your aunt coming out of the shower to dreams about the club swim teacher you had a crush on in Fifth Grade. This tattoo flash came through Paul Rogers, the Albert Morse Collection and was shown at the Oakland Museum in California.