Laudanum Lullaby

Visiting the Barbary Coast, the red light district of old San Francisco, your chances of getting shot or stabbed increased every hour, and with every laudanum riddled drink. Thugs, pimps, gamblers, gangsters, and hoodlums were so pervasive that only Frisco’s most feared and lethal cops patrolled the streets, armed to the teeth. One especially fun Read more about Laudanum Lullaby[…]

Swinging on a Star

Irene Woodward, born 1862, signed and incsribed  “Age 20…”  on this carte de viste. Probably for sale to adoring fans at the circus. That’s if we can believe she was 20 when she signed the the back of the card.  My other job is working in a liquor store so I’ve gotten pretty good at Read more about Swinging on a Star[…]

The Greatful Crane

Cranes are common symbols and themes in the folklore of East Asia, including Japan. The Grateful Crane or the Crane Wife is a particularly well-known tale in Japan, see the resources below:“The Grateful Crane” (Japanese fairy tale) Thomas Berg, circa 1910 (Detail) Cranes are an important motif in Chinese mythology. There are various myths involving Read more about The Greatful Crane[…]

Whitney Museum Awards

Dispatch from the Annual Awards for Design Excellence at the Whitney Museum. Invited as holdovers from the Giuliani Administration, there is a whole new crowd here; goateed hipsters, women with green hair and folks who wear shirts with buttons on the back of the shirt (?.)  Free Brooklyn Lager and the cutest little ice cream Read more about Whitney Museum Awards[…]

Dainty Dotty and Owen Jensen

Owen Jensen and Dainty Dotty: Owen Jensen was born in 1891 in Pleasant Grove, Utah. As a young man he worked in the railroad shop in Ogden, Utah. Jensen has said that in 1911 he walked 12 miles to Provo to see the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and that was where he saw his Read more about Dainty Dotty and Owen Jensen[…]

Albert Oehlen at New Museum

“One evening I pulled Beauty down on my knees. I found her embittered and I cursed her.” Arthur Rimbaud Come and see Albert Oehlen paintings curse beauty this summer at the New Museum. Massive Inkjet posters are pasted on canvas to initiate a complex painting process. The prints form a digital collage of photos, drawings Read more about Albert Oehlen at New Museum[…]