Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars

The Morgan Library/9/25/15-1/31/16 By Pamela Hart If you like sentences, which I do, and you’re interested in how one important American writer played with them, creating what a critic called “an esthetic of simplicity,” then head to the Morgan Library & Museum to view Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars. This tightly focused exhibition features notebooks Read more about Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars[…]

Don’t Buy That, Buy This!

The best jeans ever! Wear with a sports coat or a tee shirt, the feel and the look is fab. Details, stitching, indigo fabric from Japan, color and comfort are incredible and well worth the price. What we like is that you wear them for six months before washing. Then they become tailored to you, Read more about Don’t Buy That, Buy This![…]

Sailor Jerry Master Draughtsman

These old tattoo guys were good. Try this at home. Copy freehand (no cheating by tracing) a Sailor Jerry dragon. Or anything else by one of the great masters like him. Not so easy. Now, try to get it down on somebody’s back at midnight in tight quarters with a large group of servicemen watching Read more about Sailor Jerry Master Draughtsman[…]

Here There Be Dragons.

Like an inscription written in the turbulent sea-ed corner of an antique map of the old world these dragons speak of horrors in unchartered seas. Rolling in and out of waves. Think of these guys and you’ll be sure to crush your collarbone body surfing the Wedge in Newport. Not to be trifled with matey, Read more about Here There Be Dragons.[…]