Dusty Rhodes

The old tea china gently rattled as he walked down hand hewn wood stairs, fire cold dead now but for smoky remains. As he latched the door and walked the cobbled streets to work early morning sunlight streamed over mermaid shaped clouds. Shades of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Prof. Manley slowly became Dusty the Tattooist. Read more about Dusty Rhodes[…]

Hi Oh Silver

Back when the West was the West. A topless Indian pole dancer. Excellent choice for a full back piece tattoo. I’ll get it if you get it. You go first, heh. This one’s a variation signed Trader Bob of the famous Bert Grimm design. Grimm sold velox production copies to tattoo parlors in the late Read more about Hi Oh Silver[…]

Tales of the Sea by Crutch

This is the first in a series of recollections and stories by a gentleman named Crutch. He was kind enough to sell us an illustrated man. It looks like it might have been used in the window of a tattoo shop in the 1920’s. It’s a circus carving though. “I am an older fellow. I Read more about Tales of the Sea by Crutch[…]

How lucky can one guy be?

What floats our boat about this flash sheet by the master tattooer, Earl Brown? Maybe it’s about the good life. A girl in the bunny suit. Catch a wink and a nod from a lass in a pirate outfit. What’s not to like?  Five seductive pin ups all waiting to add their name with yours Read more about How lucky can one guy be?[…]