Picasso vs Sailor Jerry

We have been through the Picasso sculpture show at MoMA twice. It did not get better. Seemed careless and sloppy in both thought and in execution.  He did not stick a baby cake server on a pile of Playdough once, but 30 times over. Our artist friends enjoyed the “playfulness” or some such rot. They Read more about Picasso vs Sailor Jerry[…]

Charle “of Malta” Parnis

Compare these three head shots: 1. From Lift Trucks contributor. 2. Long sheet found in Dusty Rhodes’ studio. 3. Charlie “of Malta” Parnis, early 1900s. Collection of Hanky Panky, Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. From Pierced Hearts and True Love: A Century of Drawings for Tattoos, The Drawing Center.        Lab staff sent packing along with our Read more about Charle “of Malta” Parnis[…]

Of Dragons, a Cat, and a Woman in a Heart

Mr.Thomas Berg was an English tattooist who came to the United States at the turn of the century. He is known to have tattooed in San Francisco where he worked doing hand and electric tattooing. As with many tattooists of that era, Berg offered designs, stencils and color for sale. His shop along with Capt. Read more about Of Dragons, a Cat, and a Woman in a Heart[…]

Pigtals no more when tattoos was tattoos: by Bob Crutch Crutchfield

Happy New Year , here are some pics from former crew members off my favorite Diesel Sub , these fellas sailed on her late 50s early 60s ,me late 60s early 70s….You can see Tats here in actual service at sea aboard,before Tats were considered K@@L haha,…one crewman with Swallows on chest another young crewman Read more about Pigtals no more when tattoos was tattoos: by Bob Crutch Crutchfield[…]

Yes Yes, And Furthermore…

Here’s something we know. This sheet was done by Dusty Rhodes aka Professor Manley.  It’s signed.  The dude’s full name was Manley Raymond “Dusty” Rhodes (1890-1962.)  Our professional research team at LTP confirms: The hand that wrought this had nothing at all to do with the big framed panel that hung in his studio.  Compare Read more about Yes Yes, And Furthermore…[…]

Snakes and High Heels

From exhaustive electroscopic comparison analysis at our very own International Institute for Tattoo Art Research, a division of Lift Trucks Project, our studies have led us to the following determination.  The large tattoo flash board from Dusty Rhodes studio is most certainly the handwork of Joseph Hartley. One element of our research over the course Read more about Snakes and High Heels[…]