Dispatch from Crutch.

” Screwed ,Blued, and Tattooed “…which normally in sailor tongue meant you had done it all in that Port of Call…and at this joint you certainly could make that statement a reality….in my day ladies mostly imports from Argentina ….a wild wooley place…. i was there twice 69 and 73 …it was fun haha ….what Read more about Dispatch from Crutch.[…]

Eagles, Two Maidens and a Tiger

This article is by Chuck Eldridge at the Tattoo Archives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Reprinted here by his kind permission. Mr. Eldridge is a tattooist, and an acknowledged historian on the subject of tattoo history. If there is anything you want to know about the Tattoo World, Mr. Eldridge is your man. http://www.tattooarchive.com/ George Burchett Read more about Eagles, Two Maidens and a Tiger[…]