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Chris Machin
Chris attacks everything he can get his hands on from Philco Predicta Television sets to wheel alignment lights, to car jacks, acetylene burners and tool boxes. You definitely can't miss Mr. Machin coming down the road.shapeimage_12_link_0
Carl Van Brunt
Recently, the Drive By Gallery has expanded it’s portfolio to now include digital works. Carl uses plaster sculpture and digital art he constructs out of custom brushes and fractal generative software to make what he calls Triple Zero. Viewable now at the Drive By Gallery, now in technicolor. Carl_Van_Brunt.htmlCarl_Van_Brunt.htmlCarl_Van_Brunt.htmlCarl_Van_Brunt.htmlCarl_Van_Brunt.htmlCarl_Van_Brunt.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1shapeimage_13_link_2shapeimage_13_link_3shapeimage_13_link_4shapeimage_13_link_5


The exploration of shoe shine boxes for their historical and folk art value.

At the Drive By Gallery October 2012

Art and Industry
Presenting industrial artifacts from a not too distant past when we built stuff with our own hands. We made things and we fixed things and we did them well.Industrial_Lobby_BAckup.htmlIndustrial_Lobby_BAckup.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0
Erica Hauser
Painting and drawing are my primary means of distilling my experience of a world both present and past. Certain themes  of sense-memory and a vintage aesthetic have emerged, as well as my  appreciative observation of the ordinary.Erica_Hauser.htmlErica_Hauser.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0
Body Electric
Classical tattoo works from artists including Sailor Jerry and Bert Grim were assembled and displayed by projection. Coinciding with the show was Ricco Maresca Gallery’s ‘Body Electric’ exhbit, feating more works from the collection. TattooDriveBy.htmlTattooDriveBy.htmlTattooDriveBy.htmlTattooDriveBy.htmlTattooDriveBy.htmlTattooDriveBy.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0shapeimage_26_link_1shapeimage_26_link_2shapeimage_26_link_3shapeimage_26_link_4
Rick Osaka
It was a decision to start an exploration of the cues that seeped in my life and the attempts to organize them through work. Then and now, these catalysts came in fits of inspiration and were followed by intense reflection on what I had done with them. I am still dumbfounded by what can be interesting and have come to terms with it.RichardOsaka.htmlRichardOsaka.htmlRichardOsaka.htmlRichardOsaka.htmlRichardOsaka.htmlRichardOsaka.htmlshapeimage_28_link_0shapeimage_28_link_1shapeimage_28_link_2shapeimage_28_link_3shapeimage_28_link_4shapeimage_28_link_5