The guy’s name is Harry Lawson, right?

  Recently looked at a sheet that was unidentified. It’s early and nicely drawn. We wanted to try and identify the author, if possible. There’s a date; May 20th 1930 written in pencil and erased under the eagle wings of the crossed equator design. Which caused us to look further. Scotty in the Lift Trucks Read more about The guy’s name is Harry Lawson, right?[…]

Ed’s Tatoo Parlour

Tattooist: How about a butterfly on your hip?  Teenage Girl: Its like you read my mind!  Will be stopping by Ed’s.  Location rocks, stumble on over with me, matey.  Must be lovely, rear of Finn’s bar.  Although not a confidence builder having the word “tatoo” misspelled on his shingle. All doubts were quickly dispensed seeing Read more about Ed’s Tatoo Parlour[…]

Aloha, Baby

Here’s a sheet of tattoo flash that surfaced at an obscure auction. Story was that it originally came through a swap meet in Northern California, not sure what one but maybe the now defunct Marin City. Which was a very cool place where lots of hippies would set up selling stuff from wealthy guys like Read more about Aloha, Baby[…]

Eagles, Two Maidens and a Tiger

This article is by Chuck Eldridge at the Tattoo Archives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Reprinted here by his kind permission. Mr. Eldridge is a tattooist, and an acknowledged historian on the subject of tattoo history. If there is anything you want to know about the Tattoo World, Mr. Eldridge is your man. George Burchett Read more about Eagles, Two Maidens and a Tiger[…]

Picasso vs Sailor Jerry

We have been through the Picasso sculpture show at MoMA twice. It did not get better. Seemed careless and sloppy in both thought and in execution.  He did not stick a baby cake server on a pile of Playdough once, but 30 times over. Our artist friends enjoyed the “playfulness” or some such rot. They Read more about Picasso vs Sailor Jerry[…]

Charle “of Malta” Parnis

Compare these three head shots: 1. From Lift Trucks contributor. 2. Long sheet found in Dusty Rhodes’ studio. 3. Charlie “of Malta” Parnis, early 1900s. Collection of Hanky Panky, Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. From Pierced Hearts and True Love: A Century of Drawings for Tattoos, The Drawing Center.        Lab staff sent packing along with our Read more about Charle “of Malta” Parnis[…]

Of Dragons, a Cat, and a Woman in a Heart

Mr.Thomas Berg was an English tattooist who came to the United States at the turn of the century. He is known to have tattooed in San Francisco where he worked doing hand and electric tattooing. As with many tattooists of that era, Berg offered designs, stencils and color for sale. His shop along with Capt. Read more about Of Dragons, a Cat, and a Woman in a Heart[…]